Our Solutions

Solutions by Development Approach

Tachyon’s flexibility allows it to support different Software Development approaches in a single platform.

Data First Approach

Begin software development by using the existing data sources like Excel sheet, SQL and NOSQL databases.

API First Approach

Begin software development by considering required endpoints of the target system.

UI First Approach

Begin software development by considering the required User interface of the target system.

App First Approach

Begin software development by considering the required applications of the target system.

Feature First Approach

Begin software development by considering the required features of the target system.

Events FIRST Approach

Begin software development by considering the required events and actions of the target system.

Solutions by Use Cases

Tachyon Solution can be applied to the current demanding Use cases

Digital Transformation

We transform your business with use of latest, fast and dynamically upgrading technology by solving long prevailed business problems.

Legacy App Modernization

We aid to create new business value propositions from existing, aging applications by updating them with modern features and power. By migrating legacy applications, we help businesses to include the latest functionalities and align the market needs.

Voice-enabled App Development

We offer voice recognition application which helps to recognize speech patterns, words and extracting meaning from those words. And voice refers to the overarching field, where spoken sounds control devices, apps, and experiences.

Quick Proof of Concept Development

It helps our users in enjoying feasibility with distinct processes with different objectives and participant roles.

Bespoke Application Devlopment

With the use of Bespoke software development approach, we target solution development specifically with customer needs. Hence we try to satisfy the individual needs of our customers.

Solutions by Industry

Tachyon understands all the challenges and compliances of the following industries, in terms of the best practices, information security, infrastructure, and production deployments


Tachyon will be your assistant in getting the regular mundane steps of software life cycles so that you could map the market more swiftly and effortlessly.


Tachyon will assist you to create customized software matching the need of students and educational standards in 50% less SDLC time.

Financial services

With security requirements as the prime need Tachyon aid to build IT infrastructure with most secured components following the standard procedures.

Human Resources

To match up the dynamic need of workforce in the human resource industry Tachyon will help to come up with the most effective software quickly & effortlessly.


To simplify the massive spread of industry and to channelize the functional challenges in roles and responsibilities Tachyon offers quick creation of customized software.


To bring up more ease to the functioning and serving of healthcare contributors Tachyon helps to bring everyone in healthcare industry with specific processes and functionalities quickly with automated voice-driven software development.

Renewable Energy

To get global energy under one roof and aiding the right management of renewable resources Tachyon will aid software development to bring up customized software in less time and effort with the highest quality.


The changing shopping trends globally demand more dynamic and quick software updates and Tachyon aid to make the journey and experience more pleasurable for software professionals.


Forget all tiresome activities of collecting detailed measurements and get your ideal software developed in light speed.

Solutions by End users

Tachyon platform is developed by considering painpoints of following stakeholders involved in software develoment life cycle.

Software developer

Tachyon aids developers in creating software entities using human native languages and hand drawn diagrams.

Software Architect

Tachyon helps software architects in converting UML diagrams Sequence diagram or block diagram or white board diagrams into software applications

DevOps Engineer

Tachyon assists Devops Engineer to orchestrate Devops pipeline and deployments using human native languages.

Security Architect

Tachyon supports Security architect in applying security principles and on-demand discovery of issuses and vulnerabilities

Business Analyst

Tachyon augments Business Analyst during requirement discovery and documentation

Project Manager

Tachyon helps project manager in collating, documenting and discovery of project status and schedules.

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