Our Culture

We focus that our culture is innovative, flexible and overall the driving force for our employees to perform at their best. The hugely satisfying and impactful work processes at Tachyon acts as a magic component for designing our cultural values. Our culture is not just a platform created by us but reaped well with trust and commitment of our employees. Our employee hunt focuses on 3I’s to build a rich legacy of culture.



We practice integrity at all the checkpoints of employee interactions hence we act to build a culture of honesty, consistence and uncompromising adherence with strong moral, ethical principles and values. We love hiring employees who can practices honesty and truthfulness in their actions without any vigilance.



We believe in empowering our employees to access and initiate things independently. Our enhanced learning platform and speaking your mind concepts gives a lot of boost to our employees to be the game changers and initiators in all walks of life.



Though we cultivate a culture of learning from the biggest educational institutes globally. But we also believe that intelligence is not proportionate to degrees and hence we strongly support individuals who have the ability to apply their knowledge and skills.

Our Core Values

Day to day guiding principles, we call it as 9C's.


Our commitment is to always have a clear, open and honest shareholder relationship.

Customer Success

Our prime focus has been to always to earn best of customer success.


With our creativity involved at every stage we aim to get solutions as per clients industrial need.


Our workforce curiosity help us to lay a new milestone at each step of our pathway.


Partner Or Employee, our compassion keeps our humanistic emotion strongly present in business.


At each step we continue to keep courage to innovate, accept & learn from our failures.

Continuous learning

Continuous learning involves learning and sometimes unlearn as well, which is integral part of our work culture.


Power of speech and understanding has been key to our technology & culture.


With strong human & business collaboration we believe in bringing the best to our people.