Platform - Overview


Tachyon Platform

Tachyon ( aka Tachy ) is an award-winning platform - Artificial Intelligence-based Rapid Application development platform which helps IT professionals, to design, develop and deploy enterprise-grade software applications with less effort in no time.

Tachyon is built with human natural language processor, computer vision, deep learning, machine learning, intelligent automation, and Industry best practices of Software Engineering. Every software developed in the Tachyon platform is Enterprise-grade quality, which guarantees highly scalable, reliable, available, extensible, testable, observable, secured, Industry compliant and Industry best practices applied. Moreover, the developed applications are a Programming language, runtime platform, and deployment platform agnostic.

Tachyon aids IT professionals especially developers and software architects with a reduced SDLC duration and involved efforts. It enables its users by providing context-specific: suggestions, recommendations, discovery, and intelligent automation. It is featured to get integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant or any artificial enabled speaking device.

The objective of the Tachyon platform is to augment humans to develop high-quality software in a simple, effortless, and natural way. Tachyon platform is a versatile and unified platform for software discovery, design, development, deployment, and delivery.

Tachyon End-users

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Security Architect
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • The problem we are addressing

    Software development has become more integral to nearly every sector of the world, so developments and changes in software development have a vast impact on our lives. The demand for software is increasing and will keep on rising in the future as well. Is the current state of the art of software development will meet these growing demands?

    Our Solution approach

    Tachyon Model Assembly

    Built on a Robust and Versatile Foundation

    Natural Languages Processing

    Tachyon is using NLP Engines extensively and committed to supporting as many languages as possible.

    Computer Vision

    Tachyon utilizes computer vision algorithms to recognize UML diagrams, whiteboard diagrams, system text, hand-drawn images, and many more.

    Machine Learning & Reasoning

    Tachyon uses Machine Learning algorithms to classify images, provide contextual suggestions, recommendations for optimal decisions.

    Intelligent Automation

    Tachyon automates the end-to-end software development lifecycle along with mundane tasks, code generation, build, unit testing, monitoring, and deployment.

    Industry Best Practices

    Tachyon proactively applies security measures, follows Industry best practices, coding standards, and design patterns to yield the best Software Engineering solutions.

    Before and After Tachyon

    Before Tachyon After Tachyon
    Native Inputs Keyboard, Mouse and Input Tachyon seamlessly leverages software development with two more inputs namely voice and images, apart from traditional inputs of keyboard, mouse, and touch
    Automation Partial automation Intelligent automation; more than 90% will be automated
    Security Most of the measures are reactive Most of the measures are pro-active
    Best Practices Optional Not optional
    Human dependency More than 90% Less than 50%
    Human efficiency Under Utilized Will increase by 2X-3X times
    Technology adaptation Humans are overloaded to adopt the technology in a shorter time Humans are free to adopt technology at their own face
    Knowledge Humans are needed to keep their knowledge in their fingertips Tachyon will augment the humans in keeping the memory
    Project delivery Less predictable Highly predictable

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