Partners - Overview

Our Partnership is a Win-Win

Many organizations bring value and opportunities for our customers. We've designed the Tachyon Partner Program with partnership categories, levels, criteria, and benefits tailored to meet each partner's business objectives. We are committed to providing our partners with the highest level of support to develop, market, sell, and deliver industry-leading solutions with Tachyon, while achieving the highest degree of customer success and partner satisfaction

Three Reasons, Why to Become a TACHYON Partner?

#1 – The Market Opportunity

We offer you an excellent opportunity to partner with us.

  • Get freedom from investing in wrong low profit-making ventures.
  • Saves from spending time and money in a handling troubled partnership.
  • Curbs all mediation, arbitration and litigation cost as we offer you a direct opportunity to spend in the technology of tomorrow.

#2 – The Revolutionary Product

We are building Industry best innovative product and it got recognized by Industry leaders and institutions in a short time

  • Multiple Innovative products line
  • Winner of Start-up of the Year 2019
  • Top 10 promising start-ups in the year 2020
  • Best organization for women empowerment

#3 – The Partner Program

We target to leverage our industry knowledge and innovation in technology, solution development and integration to align our partners’ business needs.By being part of our partner program and contributing through our indirect sales channel we guarantee.

  • Increased Revenues
  • Increased Product Portfolio
  • Extended Network

Our Partner Benefits


Educate our partner’s App Development Engineers to ensure rapid high-quality development of apps.


Accelerate our partners capacity and capabilities for delivery of Tachyon solutions.


Build the sales pipeline and sales cycles with quality customers and App Dev Projects.


Develop customers with agile solutions to new applications and integration requirements.


Expand Revenue Stream with multi-year financial incentives

Partner Categories

We continuously validate our success by measuring and incorporating the feedback on the following attributes.

Affiliate Partnerships
Create Traffic & Earn

The Partnering companies, drive web traffic from their site with an advertisement or highlighted content, directing their customers/similar buyers to their partner’s website.

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Referral Partnerships
Refer & Earn

Referral partners can send unqualified or qualified Leads to the company. Based more on a healthy, trust-driven relationship between themselves and the potential customers.

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Alliance Partnerships
Refer, Sell & Earn

Partners in related businesses share customers with your business, spreading awareness and selling each partner’s products in exchange for a percentage of sales revenue.

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Value Added Resellers (VAR)
Refer, Sell, Integrate & Earn

Resellers that add value through system delivery, implementation, system integration, application development, product training and localized customer support

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Independent Software Vendors (ISV)
Create, Sell, Integrate & Earn

ISV Partners are Tachyon Customers who use the Tachyon platform to build apps for their own customers.ISV Partners earn the margin of their choosing.

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Technology Partnership

The partnered companies help each other for smooth implementation process and platform integration support for companies that use IT systems from different companies. This partnership happens between technology vendors who provide the product and companies who use these systems in their daily operations.

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Integration Partnership
Refer, Sell, Integrate & Earn

Mutually beneficial partnership program that enables exchange of technologies, manpower and customer support to acquire a wide range of customers.

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