While defining, designing, analyzing & presenting Tachyon, we focused on just bringing up the best platform for software engineering needs. Though Tachyon is unique and stands out in the crowd, their solution is sometimes confused with following relevant solutions

Low code Development Platform (LCPD)

  • LCDP focuses on the development and deployment of the software whereas the Tachyon Platform focuses on end-to-end SDLC design, architecture, security, development, deployment, and maintenance.
  • LCDP uses keyboard, mouse, touch and partial voice whereas the Tachyon Platform uses keyboard, mouse, touch, voice, and image
  • LCDP does not have Artificial Intelligence capability whereas the Tachyon Platform includes dominant Artificial Intelligence from the ground-up.
  • Low code Development Platform do not consider voice and images as native whereas the Tachyon Platform considers voice and images native to any system

No Code Development Platform (NCDP)

  • In the NCDP, the development scope is only limited to the set of pre-configured parameters that cannot be extended and there is no control over code when a bug is discovered.
  • NCDP is cannot be extended
  • NCDP platform do not have the flexibility to add custom code

Rapid Application Development Platform (RADP)

  • Rapid Application targets at developing software in the lesser duration of time
  • As Rapid Applications are prototype in nature, there is a possibility of lesser defects.

Code generators or static templates

  • These are generated code for some predefined configurations.

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