Our Unique Value propositions

Rediscover your SDLC Experience with our Innovation

The secret of our existence lays in our value proposition approach which we bring to our users through


Voice-driven software development

Tachyon platform allows anyone to develop software any human native languages like English, French, Spanish, Hindi or Tamil.


Native Voice support

Tachyon provides voice support by default to all software’s developed through it.


Our Engineering experience

With more than 50 + years of collaborative team experience at Tachyon of software engineering and AI across various tools, technologies and platforms have been poured together while building this unique platform.


Technology Agnostic solutions

Applications can be developed on any programming language, deployed on any cloud platform and can be viewed on any device.


Agile Architecture

Tachyon platform is producing plugin and play architecture ( to be patented) which means any features can be added or removed on-demand which is called agile architecture, the most needed design at this moment.


End-to-End Intelligent Automation

Tachyon is focussed on a unified platform for a complete software development life cycle unlike most of the marketplace competitors are focussed only on development and deployment.


Artificial Intelligence from the ground-up

At the moment, the low code platform market players do not have any AI capability, even if they do, that will be like patchwork. The reason being, since most of the legacy companies have a mature product and solid customer base, they cannot change the product overnight to incorporate AI. Introducing AI from the ground-up involves complete revamping of the product foundation, user interface and user experience. Moreover, most of the AI technologies have matured in the last 3-5 years of time, hence agile and lean platforms like Tachyon have a more clear advantage over traditional companies.

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